Short Term Rental Regulations are an important factor when deciding on the perfect investment home. Each municipality in Summit County, Park County, and Lake County have distinctive Short Term Rental Regulations. Questions? Please reach out to better understand the possibilities in the Mountain Home you are considering buying.

Note that all information is subject to change and we recommend following up with your realtor and the government in the area of your short-term rental to make sure you are in compliance.

Short Term Rental Regulations Breckenridge

Breckenridge has some of the most complex short term rental regulations in the county. As of July 12, 2022 there is a new resort overlay for Breckenridge regarding zones.. Depending on location, there is a percentage of licenses allowed. These percentages range from 100% to only 10% in the area. In the areas deemed as neighborhoods, there needs to be significant attrition in order to obtain a new license. In the resort overlay area, licenses will always be available.  Please talk to me about where the home you are interested in to see what the opportunity for a short term rental license is.

Direct link to the waitlist form: WAITLIST FORM   

Town of Breckenridge Short-Term Rental Regulations


Short Term Rental Regulations Blue River

Blue River Short-Term Rental Regulations

Short-Term Rental Packet

Short Term Rental Regulations Dillon 

Town of Dillon Short-Term Rental Regulations

Short Term Rental Regulations Frisco

Town of Frisco Short-Term Rental Regulations

Short Term Rental Regulations Silverthorne

Town of Silverthorne Short-Term Rental Regulations

Short Term Rental Regulations Summit County

On Monday, December 19, 2021, the County finalized its new Short Term Rental Regulations. Most, but not all, property owners will be able to get a license under the new system.

Be sure to read through all of the license types and zoning to understand the policies and how your clients can qualify for permits.  If you have questions on a specific property under the County Jurisdiction, please contact Jessica Potter, Senior Planner. or 970-668-2968.

The new regs and info can be found here:

This website explains the new overlay zones and license types: 

General Short-Term Rental Regulations for Summit County, Colorado.

Click here to view the Rental License Moratorium for Summit County.

Short Term Rental Regulations Park County

Park County Short-Term Rental Regulations


The Town of Fairplay passed a short-term rental ordinance on March 18th. There is a 30-day period of effectiveness following the publication for the ordinance before it goes into effect. The link to the ordinance is below.

From the Fairplay Town Administrator Janell Sciacca:   The short-term rental moratorium is still in effect through the end of April.  The Board will be considering another Emergency Ordinance on April 18, 2022 to set the exact date of expiration which will coincide with the effectiveness of the ordinance.  I am anticipating that the Town will begin accepting applications around the first part of May and there will only be a total of 20 licenses available. Preference for the initial licenses is being given to the current rental properties that have been operating under a regular business license.  There were 14 of those, but we do not know if all of them will apply for the STR license. As an extra point of clarification, the ordinance limits units to 1 per natural person or entity.

This ordinance applies only to the Town of Fairplay. It does not include Park County (such as Valley of the Sun or Placer Valley) or the Town of Alma.

Please reach out to the Town of Fairplay if you have any questions about specific properties.

Short Term Rental Regulations Lake County

Lake County Short-Term Rental Regulations