To Renovate or Not To Renovate Before You Sell

To Renovate or Not To Renovate Before You Sell | MyKCM

When thinking about selling, homeowners often feel they need to get their house ready with some remodeling to make it more appealing to buyers. However, with so many buyers competing for available homes right now, renovations may not be as vital as they would be in a more normal market. Here are two things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of selling this season.

1. There aren’t enough homes for sale right now.

A normal market has a 6-month supply of houses for sale, but today’s housing inventory sits far below that benchmark. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there’s only a 1.9-month supply of homes available today. As a result, buyer competition is high and homes are…

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Americans See Major Home Equity Gains

Americans See Major Home Equity Gains [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM
Some Highlights

  • Today’s home price appreciation is driving equity higher throughout the country.
  • If your needs are changing and you’re ready for a new home, your equity may be a great asset to power your next move.
  • Now is a great time to put your equity toward a down payment on the home of your dreams.

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While life events like a family milestone or kids growing up can encourage you to sell your home, the decision often involves many other factors. Understanding your finances, your timeline, and how you’ll sell can provide good insight into whether you’re ready to sell your home. 1. How much is my home worth? Start by asking me for a comparable market analysis. Not a computer generated one, but one that is specific to your home.   2. Do I have enough equity to sell my home? You’ll typically want to have enough equity in your home to pay off your mortgage and the costs of selling and have equity left over for your next adventure.   3. How much will it cost to sell my…

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What do teenagers do if they're not on the mountain? Our boys went to country boy mine as toddlers to pan for gold. Now as teenagers, they're back for a little more extreme action. Enjoy one of the newest attractions opened February 2021 in Breckenridge, Extreme Sledding at the Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge, Colorado. These boys had a blast, the staff was super friendly, and it's so much fun for the whole family. We can't wait to do it again!!! Check them out at​. @countryboymine 


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Today, anyone looking to purchase a new home utilizes the internet to search for homes for sale. Many potential home buyers and sellers will use big-name Real Estate Home Search companies to research a neighborhood or get property values or even choose a real estate agent.   But did you know a lot of these search engines have outdated properties that are not even on the market anymore? Some properties have not even been for sale at all. And pricing on these platforms can be off by a long shot at times. They just do not have the capability of really knowing the neighborhood or your home like me, your local agent and Summit Area Specialist.   When searching for accurate home information, whether you are buying or…

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Bidding wars are off the charts, as home listings fall to a record low.   Well over half of all buyers are facing bidding wars in their offers. More than half of homes are now going under contract in less than two weeks. With so few new listings hitting the market, I expect bidding wars to become more common and involve even more potential buyers as we head into the spring homebuying season.   It's more important than ever to work with me as your agent to help get you prepared for buying a home, helping your find the right home, and most importantly putting the best offer together to increase your chances of getting the home you love. Call me today for a strategy session!   Watch this video on…

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Please create defensible space on your property as soon as possible this year!

Summit County Wildfire Mitigation Grants

Summit County Wildfire Mitigation grant pre-applications are due a month earlier this year, on March 27, 2021.

These grants are usually awarded to groups of property owners working collectively so that the money awarded will achieve a more effective fuel break.  Please refer to this web site for details and contact Dan Schroder if you have any questions:

If you’re applying as an individual homeowner, an option to consider is the Summit Association of Realtor’s Defensible Space Grant:

Another option as an individual applicant…

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Summit County is without question a ski and snowboard destination, but there are so many ways to enjoy the winter wonderland. Ice Skating is an amazing indoor or outdoor experience. Here are some of our favorite places around town:   - Stephen C. West offers open sessions for public skating, hockey and freestyle skating. - Breckenridge Ice Skating at Maggie Pond - This frozen over pond creates a picturesque scene and offers the perfect place to enjoy the mountain scenery while taking turns around the pond. - Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Located steps from the famous slopes of Peak 8, the outdoor public ice skating rink is family-friendly fun for the young and young at heart. - To the north in Frisco,…

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Mortgage rates play a big part in the affordability of a new home. Listen to this quick video to see what the experts are saying. Why is this important for you? Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve purchased a home before, even an increase of half a point in mortgage rate makes a big difference. In this environment, it can be challenging to find a home to buy, so using Shannon Bosgraaf with Bosgraaf Homes, your local real estate agents and Summit Area Specialists will be key to your success if you’re thinking of buying.

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What Record Low Inventory Means for Buyers and Sellers in Mountain Home Real Estate

Are you looking to buy a mountain home this year? What should you expect, and how can you prepare? Are you planning to sell your mountain real estate? How can you drive the competition to start a bidding war? Watch my video to set yourself up for success in this competitive real estate market. Follow Us on Instagram: @shannon_mountain_realtor or Facebook: @BosgraafRealtor. 

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